Scared Walking Alone? Meet the People Walker

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People Walker Helps People Scared of Walking AlonePeople Walker Helps People Scared of Walking Alone
The "people walker" provides safe escort to those who feel threatened walking alone.

These days, people can be forgiven for feeling unsafe as they traverse their home city. There have been numerous incidents of verbal and physical assaults following Trump’s election. The last year, hate crimes targeting Muslims jumped to 67%. According to some numbers, around 65% of all women have in the United States have experience street harassment.

The president-elect has dabbled in all forms of bigotry, providing a platform to racism, Islamophobia, and misogyny hitherto unheard of in public discourse. His campaign has promoted predatory behavior and given voice to white resentment.

In order words, the social climate on the streets is now – more than any other time in recent memory – dangerous for multiple demographics. White male privilege – in the form of security and comfort – is readily visible.

Now, there is a service for people who would like a walking companion to feel more secure. In California,  Chuck McCarthy began work as a “people walker,” providing motivational walks for people who are either uncomfortable in certain pedestrian situations or need a psychological boost when traveling on foot.

Along with his recently founded group  The International Motivational Walkers Association, McCarthy looks to provide walking companionship for individuals who feel unsafe, included targets of catcalling. Learn more about about McCarthy and his vision in his recent interview with Good Magazine.

Following the election, there has been a torrent of new ideas promoting the social good, as well as a swell of engagement and desire to volunteer. Perhaps the one positive outcome from this mess is that people will be galvanized into actualizing the better world they envision.

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