Markets Crash Immigrants in Fear Donald Trump Wins White House
A sun sad sets on the United States.

Markets Crash, Millions in Fear as Donald Wins White House

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Donald Trump – an incorrigible racist and misogynist with readily diagnosable personality disorders – has been elected to the office of president of the United States.

Donald the candidate displayed an unawareness of basic facts concerning how the world works, and managed to insult just about everyone. Yet, as the nation wakes up from a colossal moral (and actual) hangover, it turns to a Trump Administration, soon to be filled with acolytes towing the Trump line. His cabinet and various appointees will include over-the-hill-politicians like Rudolph Giuliani who have maintained relevance exclusively through the manipulation of intense voter rage and the simmering hate, distrust, and bigotry that propelled someone so unfit to govern into the highest seat in the country.

The immediate results are jarring. World stock markets are crashing. It is Brexit on a scale one-thousand times larger. Millions are now in fear as Trump’s ominous rhetoric of mass deportations, travel bans based on race and religion, and targeted violence have become all-too-real possibilities.

Could he be impeached within the first several months of his presidency? Potentially. There is, after all, a case filed against him in which he is accused of raping a 13 year-old girl. If, for the sake of argument, that doesn’t torpedo his Administration, there are many additional cases of sexual assault levied against this thin-skinned bully.

The long-view is murky and depressing.  Will this tragedy jolt people awake? Will Donald Trump’s first slew of epic faux-pas on the global stage make the US electorate reevaluate its decision? Will the continuously worsening state of the global economy and the blooming precariousness of the US worker show that this charlatan emperor, in fact, wears no clothes? Maybe not. The polls didn’t predict this, because there is a massive swath of the population whose voting behavior was informed less by an awareness of a candidate’s bonafides as traditionally defined by educated analysts, and more by a combustible brat’s spectacular television personality.  There is, simply put, much more to come. But if Trump is to be taken at his word, the future – from the perspective of executive governance and decision-making – is bleak. Its the responsibility of everyone cognizant of this to rise up and help organize a more inclusive future.

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