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November 8, 2016 8:00 AM
Latest update 5 years ago
Florida is So Close, We May See Another 2000

Senate Update

Tammy Duckworth wins in Illinois, Marco Rubio wins in Florida, and Rob Portman wins in Ohio. None of these are surprising - now we get into the undecided races, which will decide which party controls the Senate. 

Florida is Insanely Close

The candidates are virtually tied in Florida, with Trump currently commanding a small lead with about 80% reporting. A Trump win in Florida opens up a pathway to the White House for the reality TV star candidate.

Meanwhile, Florida Republican wunderkind Marco Rubio safely secured his reelection to the Senate. 

Polls Closing at 8PM EST

These 16 state about to close:

Alabama, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee, and Washington DC (technically not a state, but it may be soon).

Rob Portman Wins Ohio Senate Seat

Ohio Senator Rob Portman has defeated former Ohio Governor Ted Strickland, pretty handily. In fact, it's a bit of landslide. Does this mean that Ohio is definitely moving toward Trump? Keep in mind, Ohio Governor John Kasich has actually been a strident anti-Trumper. Perhaps there is some disjunction between the state's senate preference and its presidential preference? 

Trump Wins West Virginia

No surprise. No surprise at all. West Virginia moves into the Trump column. 

End of the Ohio Bellwether?

North Carolina and Ohio set to close. Ohio has voted for the victor in every presidential election since 1964. Currently, the Buckeye state is leaning toward Trump, though Trump is the dark horse nation-wide. Is this the end of the Ohio bellwether?

Pence Sends a Celebratory Tweet

Projections: Trump Wins Indiana and Kentucky

The first calls are being made. CNN is reporting that Trump has won the reliably conservative states of Kentucky and Indiana. Clinton has taken Vermont. No surprises here. 

Florida and Virginia Polls to Close

In the next several minutes, polls will close in the important states of Florida and Virginia. Florida is particularly pivotal, which is a lynchpin for most paths that would lead to a Trump presidency.

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