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Nonprofits Can’t Afford to Ignore Tech

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Technology entrepreneurship is on the rise. Everyday, you hear phrases like fintech, real estate tech, food tech, healthcare tech, auto tech, and sorts of other “tech.” Everyday, the wild world of technology sees the rise and fall of million (and even billion!) dollar ideas.

This industry of industries provides a unique opportunity for those in the nonprofit sector willing to think big and act big. The incredible innovation that is happening is within the reach and and budgetary constraints of many nonprofits thanks to social entrepreneurs who have paved a trail of commerce and philanthropy.

The time is now to tap into this industry. Meet the innovators, developers, programmers, investors, and distributors in person by attending meetups. Technology is driving our economy and it is driving the components making our economy, and it’s paramount for nonprofit professionals to get in on the conversation and be a part of this exciting energy driving economic and social progress.

Shira Ovide and Rani Molla at Bloomberg Gadfly report that as of August 1, 2016, the top five companies by stock market capitalization are all U.S. tech companies: Apple, Alphabet (Google), Microsoft, Amazon, and Facebook.

Looking back at August 1, 2006, the top five companies by stock market capitalization were Exxon, GE, Microsoft, Gazprom, and Citigroup.

There are many reasons why we should acknowledge this new and dynamic economic direction we are headed in. Nonprofits  – whether their mission is in public art, green spaces, clean water, classical music, or fair housing – should lead with this thought:

(Italics) We are a technology company that does [insert mission here].

The organizations that follow this mantra will survive and prosper in the decades to come.

Lynette Zimmerman
is the president and CEO of Key Elements Group LLC and is an editor for Impact Tap. A development specialist with extensive experience helping blue chip arts, education, and human rights nonprofits along the East Coast, Zimmerman also writes on the nonprofit sector and hosts The Impact Lab, a podcast designed for nonprofit and social enterprise professionals. Connect with her on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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