Feminist Walkout in Iceland

Feminist Walkout in Iceland: Women Protest Gender Wage Gap

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This fall has seen a number of mass mobilizations of women demonstrating for greater equality. Walkouts have occurred in Poland and Argentina. While tied to a proposed total abortion ban and violence against women respectively, both were generally opposed to the marginalization of women along with other social justice issues. Leveraging their collective voices – as well as their economic import – participants in both movements generated international headlines as well as positive initial responses from authorities.

In yet another sign of a growing global movement, a new feminist walkout is making waves – this time in Iceland.

Constantly ranked high in human rights and equality indexes, Iceland nonetheless has a 14 percent gender wage gap. This problem – which effects virtually all developed nations – is fundamentally connected to a lower value placed on women’s labor.

On Monday, women in Iceland staged a walkout. If they receive 14 percent lower wages, then they would work 14 percent less of the day. Thus, at 2:38 PM, thousands of women flooded the streets, departing their workplaces and shouting “out.”


Which country will see the next mass feminist demonstration calling for gender parity? At this rate, it could be a matter of days until we find out.

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