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October 20, 2016 12:28 AM
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We'll be back with more live coverage on election day (or even sooner, should yet another eye-popping revelation emerge). Thanks for joining us!

The Most Amazing Part: Trump Won't Accept the Result of the Election

Perhaps the most incredible part of the night: Trump refuses to commit to accepting the results of the election.

He kept deferring...he'll call it when he sees it. This is unprecedented, even if you break outside of recent history. His longview may show his true designs. If his fans follow suite, they'll be on board for whatever cash-grabbing venture Trump opens up next. Trump TV? It's a possibility.

Early Consensus? Chris Wallace Did Great!

Immediate analysis holds that Chris Wallace did a fantastic job.

Indeed, his tough questions appeared evenly balanced between the two candidates. 

Other thought circulating? Some petty digs from Trump. Bad Hombres? Nasty Woman? These aren't going to help him broaden his appeal. 

Trump: "We're Going to Make America Great Again"

Trump repeats his talking points - arguing that "illegal immigrants" are treated better than veterans, and then goes on to talk about the bizarre hellscape that he has repeatedly described about US inner cities. 

Final Statements

Each candidate gets one minute on this national stage to make their case. 

Will You Consider a Grant Bargain?

Trump: "Such a nasty woman."

He throws this out after Clinton takes a jab at Trump, suggesting that he'll try and get out of any tax hikes she issues on the wealthy. 

Not doing any favors to his own image. May win even more favor with his already committed fanbase, but...ehhh. 

Final Segment: National Debt

We move away from the...circumnavigating the candidates were doing around the Middle East. The final section is on the national debt. Trump claims he is going to bring "amazing jobs." 

A familiar formula in Trump speak. 

We Now Have Them In Our Country

Donald Trump goes straight conspiratorial...they're here...they're here now!

"Thanks a lot, Hillary Clinton," he utters, blaming Clinton for future lives lost from an intangible threat derived from fear-mongering rather than legitimate critical thought. 

Wallace: "Will You Accept The Result of This Election?"

And Trump's response....he'll look at it at the time.

Quite amazing, he won't commit to recognizing the results of the election. He then starts claiming some pretty wild stuff, such as millions of fake registrants. Even a cursory look at conservative analysts and commentators shows that there is no consensus that voter fraud poses any actual threat to the legitimacy of the vote. There is virtually no evidence of voter fraud. How else can you repeat that? 

The Last Actual Issue Was...

Where has this gone? Down deeper, and deeper....

What's the result going to be? Probably not great for Trump. There has been a lot of noise, and he's has let out a couple zingers. Also, Wallace has played tougher with Clinton than past moderators. Not necessarily unwarranted, considering that the Wikileaks documents revealed some interesting details about Clinton's paid speeches, and this information was clouded over by yet another week of Trump revelations. 

But overall - not sure this is the performance he needed.

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