Australia: New South Wales Parliament Officially Condemns “Slug” Donald Trump

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New South Wales Greens MLC Jeremy Buckingham, who read the proposal denouncing Trump as a "revolting slug." (Photo courtesy of Jeremy Buckingham's Flickr account)

With the fallout from the Hollywood Access tape and a growing number of sexual assault accusations levied against him, Donald Trump has attracted condemnation from all sides. From his opponents to those in his own party, a chorus of disapproval has rung out over the faltering candidate’s lewd behavior and diminutive treatment of women.

Abroad, Trump’s jingoism and misogynistic tendencies have also led to condemnation and disavowal. When asked about a potential US visit from London Mayor Sadiq Khan – a practicing Muslim – in relation to his campaign’s proposal to completely ban Muslim travelers, Trump remarked that Westerners like Khan would receive an “exception.”

Khan replied:

I think Donald Trump has ignorant views about Islam. It’s not just about me, I don’t want to be the exception to be allowed to go to America. You can be a Muslim and you can be European… And I hope Donald Trump looks to the lessons that London sent last Thursday [Khan’s election as London mayor] and recognizes that it’s possible to be Western and Muslim.

To the north, Canadian Justin Trudeau tacitly suggested that the US would steer clear of the pugnacious reality TV star, remarking that he has “faith in the better angels of Americans’ nature.”

In some of the strongest language used by politicians from a US allied nation, the New South Wales (NSW) Parliament in Australia offered a stinging – if somewhat comical – denunciation of Tump regarding the “grope” video that featured Trump bragging about sexually assaulting women as well as his racist comments on minorities. 

The NSW upper house passed a measure brought forth by Jeremy Buckingham, a member of the Greens. The proposal requested…

That this house

(a) condemns the misogynistic, hateful comments made by the Republican candidate for President of the United States of America, Mr Donald Trump, about women and minorities, including the remarks revealed over the weekend that clearly describe sexual assault;

(b) reflects on the divisive, destructive impact that hate speech from political candidates and members of elected office has on our community; and…

The final measure sets a new bar for government legalese

(c) agrees with those who have described Mr Trump as “a revolting slug” unfit for public office.

After receiving laughs from fellow upper house members, the measure passed unanimously.

Watch the video below:

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