The Trump Tower in New York City.

Breaking: Women Protest Trump’s Misogyny at His Flagship Hotel

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Women have gathered outside Trump Tower in New York City today to protest the imploding Republican presidential candidate’s misogyny.

Sparking a Twitter campaign around the hashtag #GOPHandsOffMe – which pokes at the Republican party’s recalcitrance to denounce Trump until the “grope” tape emerged last week – the protests have attracted dozens of picketers to Trump’s famous hotel abutting Central Park.


In a move reminiscent of the recent protests in Poland against a proposed total abortion ban, the protesters have donned black, and carry signs bearing slogans of women’s empowerment.

The highly visible protest comes at a bad time for “The Donald.” Many Republicans have retracted their support for the candidate, whether explicitly (as was done by John McCain) or implicitly (as exemplified by House Speaker Paul Ryan). Senator Mike Lee from Utah – among others – has urged Trump to quit.

Their displeasure, if expressed a little late in the game, is understandable. In Lee’s home state of Utah – a reliable bastion of conservative Mormon voters – Clinton is polling within a mere several percentage points of Donald Trump. Many Republicans are now in damage control, trying to sort out how much of their political capital will remain following the November vote.

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